Potential Accommodations on the Job

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What Accommodations Work on the Job?

For employees with psychiatric disabilities, reasonable accommodations might include adaptations in the way work is assigned and scheduled, the use of auxiliary equipment and support staff, and modifications to the physical workspace. You will need to negotiate, select, and arrange whatever accommodations you need by working closely with your supervisor and the human resources department. Here are some possible aids and services you may consider:



Restructuring jobs 

Having minor job duties eliminated -- for example, assigning "fill-in" duties to another employee -- frees you to focus on your primary responsibilities

  Flexible scheduling 

Changing the start or end of the workday to accommodate side effects of medication, working part-time, taking more frequent breaks, taking time off for therapy appointments


Flexible leave 

Being able to use sick leave for mental health reasons or take an extended leave without pay due to hospitalization



Specialized equipment & assistive devices 

Receiving daily instructions via e-mail instead of verbally



Modifying work sites 

Installing wall partitions around workstation to minimize distractions



Providing a job coach or mentor 

Helps in arranging interviews, completing job applications, and providing support and training on the job



Changes in training 

Allowing extra time to learn job tasks


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