General Mood Food

Foods to Avoid or use in Limited Quantities Foods that Improve Mood
Saturated Fats Mono Saturated and Poly Unsaturated Fats
Processed Foods Fresh and Frozen Vegetables
Caffeinated Beverages Water
Fruits Canned in Heavy Syrup Fresh Fruits
Bleached Wheat Products Whole Wheat Grain Products
Protein High in Animal Fats Fish High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Lean Meat Such as Turkey, Chicken and Stream Fish, Nuts and Seeds
Dairy Products Soy Milk and Cheese and Other Products
Sweetened Cereals Oatmeal, Fortified Cereals, and Whole Grain Cereals
Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners Natural Sweeteners such as Stevia or Small Amounts of Honey and Molasses
Artificial Colors, Additives, Flavoring Natural Flavoring
Chocolate (notice this column says avoid OR no substitute for GOOD chocolate in my opinion

GOOD FOOD/BAD FOOD:  I have a friend who is a Nutritionalist, Mary Beth Lind.  She says there really are no "bad" foods, (unless you are allergic).  We just tend to eat too much of the foods that contain high fat, high sugars, high additives and preservatives and do not eat as much of the fresh foods that we should.  Ever hear of anyone getting fat on too much broccoli?  (that's without the butter and cheese  All foods, (unless you have an allergy), can be enjoyed as long as it is done in moderation.  On the other hand, she also says that there is NO PERFECT food either.  All diets should contain a well balanced amounts of the 6 main food groups.  Eating the lower servings, (i.e. carbohydrates 6-11, eat 6 servings), will help you loose weight as well.

If you are not familiar with the food pyramid here's a link for you that not only explains the number of servings, but the serving size as well. Too many of us are used to eating restaurant size portions, while the recommended portion size is about 1/3 that size. 

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