Bipolar Disorder, Manic Depressive Illness Copyright 2004, Dianne Wandruff
I now know two people whose brilliance can be attributed to manic depression. I've met many people within the past year because my circles of life have broadened. I've belonged to five or six dance groups, I've expanded my influence and communication via the internet, I've traveled within my own state a little bit more, and I've held quite a few business meetings. During this time I've met two people who have told me they have manic depression. It so happens they are two of the most out-going, delightful people in all my circles. So I have begun to educate myself on manic depression and my two friends have helped me freely. I have made a terrific discovery regarding the control of manic depression. My two friends have become users of Young Living Essential Oils and supplements, and we all three have marvelous things to report! I'm not claiming to be professionally knowledgeable about this subject, but I AM claiming to have observed something remarkable and noteworthy. I want to tell (and I do tell...) everyone I know about it . I want the word to spread. First a bit of background: * One of my friends was "incarcerated" into a mental institution at age 17. I'm not sure how long he was institutionalized, but he's out and about now. He is in his 50's and has had manic depression under control for a decade. He says the key for him was getting his hormones into good balance. He uses Prenolone Cream from Young Living, a very basic hormone cream which provides the building blocks for hormones in any person's body. (Each person has different requirements, different hormones out of balance, and the Prenolone Cream allows each person to build what he needs at the time.) * My other friend has quick cycling manic depressive moods. During a 24 hour period, he may cycle down and up three to five times, maybe even more. He has been using the Prenolone Cream Plus (which has DHEA), Alkalime, (a mineral powder which balances his pH each night), and Berry Young Juice, a powerful blend of the highest known antioxidant juices with the strongest anti-aging effects. In addition, he uses the oils of Joy, Peace and Calming, Present Time, and Forgiveness, and a strong antibiotic blend of Thieves and Oregano and Frankincense and Thyme (his blood and organs have bacteria and fungi, mold and yeast beasties). My second friend is none other than my husband, whom I practically idolize. I've gotten to know him pretty well... and I've observed him closely. Believe me, I've made an important discovery regarding the control of manic depression. My husband, Dave, works in the woods with chainsaws and hand tools and trucks. He must've been superhuman when he was a younger man, because even now, in his mid-fifties, he's brawny. When I was a new bride, I often saw Dave fade away in strength and energy after working hard for two or three hours. His voice would become mumbly and low, practically unintelligible and he would get into a "zone" where he just worked on and on and on, methodically and slowly. After a while, we purchased some Berry Young Juice from Young Living. WITHIN FIFTEEN MINUTES OF DRINKING ONE OUNCE, DAVE WAS UP AND OUT OF HIS ZONE, UP AND OUT OF HIS MANIC DEPRESSIVE MOOD. That caught our attention...we were amazed! Then, after being married awhile, we took a trip to see our various children. We drove about 3000 miles round trip and on the return trip, ran out of Berry Young Juice. That was really too bad, but it also proved to be a wonderful lesson: never run out of your Berry Young Juice. By the time we got home, Dave was going down into his zone. He went to bed and could barely get up; in fact, he really didn't get up. He went to his recliner, then later back to bed. He missed several days of work. Finally I got my head on straight and he openly asked for help... I began using what essential oils I had on hand for him. I put Joy over his heart, Peace and Calming under his nose and on the bottoms of his feet, and Present Time on his head. And then I changed my order for Berry Young Juice from 1 liter/month to 4 liters/month. We hope to never be without it again. How we use Berry Young Juice. Young Living Essential Oils, the company I'm affiliated with, advises us to drink at least one ounce of Berry Young Juice each morning, but also lets us know that three ounces are ideal. Gary Young, the president of Young Living, says he takes his juice before working out and exercising. The protein (carried by the sugar in the berries), is immediately useful to the body and so muscles are built on the spot. Gary is a body builder and has placed 1st and 2nd in his class in the state of Utah. He's very handsome and strong looking; he's nearing 60 years old and has a full head of hair! I must also say that we three mentioned in this article, being closely acquainted with the attributes of manic depression... believe that Gary Young is manic depressive. We haven't told him we think this, but we are quite experienced and in definite agreement with each other. Well, Dave started out using only one ounce of Berry Young Juice per day. But he has more than one downward mood, in which he can't be quite himself. So, now that we have 4 liters/month to work with, Dave takes one or more ounces mixed with water, twice a day (mid-morning and mid-afternoon). Each time we witness the same remarkable results within 15 minutes. And sometimes, Dave doesn't seem to fade as was normal; but we still give him the regular drink. He's responding very well in several different ways. I can say this as his wife... He communicates with me more evenly, more deeply, and more appreciatively. WOW! Surely that's good news for many people. It truely seems to me that Berry Young Juice, which is incredibly high on the ORAC antioxidant scale, has begun to build Dave up. I believe his brain AND his thinking processes are being enhanced health-wise and strength-wise. (To read more about Berry Young Juice and its antioxidant properties, refer to an article I wrote: Ningxia Wolfberry is the Highest Antioxidant Food. I wrote this article before I ever met Dave.) The reason we buy four instead of three bottles of Berry Young Juice per month, is because the company gives a discount in price for the purchase of a 4 bottle pack. Instead of $40/liter, we pay $35/liter, and I get to use the extra juice for myself. I use it to help me fast once a week. One day each week, I drink several glasses of fresh vegetable juice and two "doses" of Berry Young Juice. It is making a marvelous difference in my tummy area. Being a new wife, and wanting to impress my favorite person, I have been eating too much of my own impressive cooking. But now, I'll be slim again! Some attributes of manic depression. My two friends who are manic depressive, experience moods that go from high to low, from euphoria to depression, from recklessness to listlessness. They may have feelings of extreme optimism and inflated self-esteem; or feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, or hopelessness. Their speech may be incredibly fast or noticeably slow and hard to understand. Their thoughts may race away in fifteen different directions and allow them to plan and accomplish superhuman projects, or they may spiral downward into a space where they can't concentrate and are easily distracted. They may be experiencing life in the fast lane unable to sleep at all, or they may sleep all the time. Their lives are not predictable except to know that they will have a high experience and a low experience, on and on and on. Some people who are manic depressive are incredibly high achievers. Others have trouble managing their day to day affairs. The following individuals have stated publicly that they are bipolar/manic depressive: * Robert Boorstin, writer, special assistant to President Clinton * Rosemary Clooney, singer * Dick Cavett, writer, media personality * Kitty Dukakis, former First Lady of Massachusetts * Patty Duke (Anna Pearce), actor, writer * Connie Francis, actor, musician * Shecky Greene, comedian * Bill Lichtenstein, producer (TV and radio) * Kristy McNicols, actor * Spike Mulligan, comic actor and writer * Charley Pride, musician * Axl Rose, musician * John Strugnell, Biblical scholar, Harvard * Ted Turner, entrepeneur, media giant (U.S.) * Jonathon Winters, comedian, actor, writer, artist What then shall we say... We shall say that manic depression can be useful and beneficial to a personality, but we shall also say that it needs to be managed well. Brilliant accomplishements are wonderful, but so is sleep. Naps are pleasureable, but so are relationships. People with manic depression need to balance their moods and their activities. I'm happy to be able to tell you about Berry Young Juice and the Prenolone Cream and certain essential oils which contain high levels of sesquiterpenes (chemicals useful to the manic depressive's forebrain, chemicals that aid the transport of seratonin). Some of those essential oils are: Frankincense, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, and the various blends mentioned above that have Frankincense and Sandalwood in them. I highly recommend these therapeutic essential oils and supplements because of our own personal experience with them. Please feel free to contact me personally by email or by phone to inquire further. If you want to purchase Berry Young Juice, which is more effective than Noni or Xango juices, you may do so from my website: <> . I have a business called Enjoying Health and I emphasize total health: body, soul, and spirit. Please, while you're perusing my website, take a look at my archive of Journal Articles and Newsletters. They are not only informative about supplements and essential oils, the articles and newsletters teach about total health: body, soul, and spirit. I've done my best now to tell you about Berry Young Juice, about managing manic depression, and even about my own use of Berry Young Juice. I hope you'll pass this information on to your circle of friends and family. It's important to know about these things and implement them.

Dianne Wandruff, owner of <> and publisher of the Enjoying Health Newsletter. Dianne, a homemaker and dancer, a gardener, hiker and forester, writes from a spiritual perspective about total health. Her unique style and content and the medicinal quality essential oils she offers will charm you. BE SURE to see her Journal Articles and Newsletters.

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