A Good Time to be Hypomanic
by Storm

Believe it or not I have found a time when it is a good thing to be in a hypo-manic mood and slightly on the almost but not quite irritable side---dealing with bill people.  Since Iíve moved to a new state, I have of course had to deal with countless supposed past due bills, late fees, etc., etc., that are all false. All my bills were prepaid before I ever left the previous state AND I even went so far as to call every single company I owe money to and let them know I was leaving the state and gave them my new address and phone number. But noooooooo, Iím still getting hit with forwarded past due bills, magazines that I stopped subscribing to a month ago and important bills like car payments that are still being forwarding to me a month late. Sigh. So much for the olí technology of computers eh?


This is where the hypo-manic mood comes in. Nothing will set me off more than when one of these types of envelopes appears in my mailbox. Iíve always been known to have a short fuse and Iím on so many mood regulators that I should be a walking zombie but my innate German-Irish temper is so strong that even the meds cannot control that temper of mine.  Just one envelope is all it takes and I dash to my cell phone all pumped up to have it out with company A.


Talk about your adrenaline rush!  Time to unleash the bipolar hounds! Let them roar! Let them sound off at the moronic company fools who cannot seem to comprehend the simplest of ideas.  Yeah, thatís the ticket. But of course, we must be considerate and be sure to let the representative from the company know that we are not barking at them personally, just at the company itself.  <smile>


I get so hyped up and manic during this sort of situation. Itís hard to bring myself down. Iíll pace and pace and pace. Then the spending spree monster will suddenly come into play. Iíve just scored a major hit with Company A and now I have to celebrate with a manic spending spree! Wheeeeee. I have no money but that certainly doesnít matter because I have plastic! Doesnít make a difference that I canít afford to max the plastic, I just need to spend. And spend I will. Spend on what? Who cares, I just NEED to spend!


Okay, so maybe this isnít a good thing after all, but at least I get to enjoy what is normally considered a bad thing for us. Plus I get to take out my frustration on the bill companies, albeit in a tactful manner and I feel great afterwards plus I get some mistaken errors taken care of and Iím in a great mood the rest of the day!



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