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Steven Surgener
Bipolar World Columnist
and Freelance Writer

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I asked Steve to send us a short biography ... just a little something about himself and his life... I don't know why I was a little surprised when this is what he sent.  He'd already shown me that his writing was not traditional in the true sense of the word.

"A man of faith steps into the void grinning"

Like so many pieces of paper I have defaced with the ramblings of a
convoluted mind, I began in this world blank.. void. Over time, moments
shared with the lives of others have brought together words and phrases
resulting in the work that has become me. My writing, my views, my
experiences, are nothing more than a manifestation of every person who has
taken the time to share a piece of themselves with me. From the homeless
that have opened up to me the tragedies of their lives, or the wealthy who
have shared secret fears, they have all contributed. I am a man 35 years
of age, afflicted with bipolar and all the statistical ramifications of a
disease that is just as hard on those around me. Death has been withheld
from me on several occasions, making its presence known, but leaving me
with only scars. My greatest title in life is being called Dad by five
beautiful daughters. Two by birth, three by choice, though the youngest
has gone home to be with her Creator. Blessed is the best word I can come
up with to describe myself, for if it were not for the overwhelming beauty
of those who have come in and out of my life, I would not, in turn be able
to offer up my humble attempts share it with you.

Steven Surgener
January, 2006

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