Prepare a list of things to do, people to call, resources available to you so that when you are faced with a crisis, the urge to self-harm, you will have alternatives ready for you to choose from. These could include:
bulletHave the phone number handy of at least 2 people with whom you feel comfortable taking about your urges to self-injure.
bulletHave the list of grounding techniques and alternatives readily available.
bulletHave at least 2 places/homes where you can go and feel safe.
bulletHave a self-abuse support group, and access to some members when you are in crisis.
bulletMake a list of distractions you could indulge in rather than self-injure.
bulletGet rid of all implements you would use to harm yourself.
bulletKeep first aid supplies on hand.
bulletCall your psychiatrist or therapist and keep his/her number on speed dial.
bulletIf your plan should fail, do the minimum harm required to ease your emotional distress and please get appropriate care for your wounds.


         Published 2002

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