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If you have ever had a friend turn from you, in misunderstanding and disgust because you have a  mental illness, and if that friend never returns,  you have experienced stigma.

If you have ever heard the words "crazy", "nuts", "psycho", and many other demeaning words that are slang for mentally ill, applied to you, you have been stigmatized.

If you have been turned down for a job,  not been allowed to be alone with children, been ostracized at social gatherings and the reason is fear of your mental illness - this is once again stigma.  

In one way or another, individuals with mental illness have all experienced the feelings of stigma - even if we tell no one of our illness, it is a form of self-stigma.

There are many of us and the fight against stigma has been a long and ongoing one - as individuals we can help.

The following brochures and booklets are available in the .pdf format All are believed to be in the public domain. To view them you need to download a free Adobe Reader

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bulletPerceptions of Discrimination Among Persons with Serious Mental Illness
bulletWhy is the World Health Organization Focusing on Mental Health on World Health Day? - a FAQ
bulletChallenging Stereotypes
bulletImpact of Stigma



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