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The goal of all interactive pages within the Bipolar World community is the comfort and safety of all who choose to participate. With this in mind, the following are the guidelines enforced in the Message Forums.

Message Forums

Treat each other with respect, i.e. as you would like to be treated yourself. Flaming or open hostility towards another member will not be tolerated. 
Every member is entitled to privacy if he/she chooses.
While a “light touch” – joking etc is an important part of sharing and support. If someone needs special support please make it a priority .
Suicidal ideation and discussion is permitted, identified in the topic title of the post with the word "***SPOILER***" .  Anyone who is actively suicidal calls 911 and/or visits our suicide section at
Other posts containing difficult topics such as Self Injury, abuse, sexual conduct, etc. should be identified with the word "***SPOILER***" in the topic line, when posting on the message forums. This allows everyone to realize that the topics discussed may be triggering. 
Disagreements are permitted…arguments are not. If you have a personal issue with someone discuss it by private e-mail or contact the forums moderators. 
No foul language permitted, use symbols such as(@*&^% etc.). Most people will understand your meaning. An occasional “slip” won’t get you banned but be aware of abusing it. Many people are offended by foul language. 
You are encouraged to make friends with people you feel safe and comfortable with and exchange personal e-mail addresses. "Harassing" another member via private e-mail or private message can not be tolerated.
Disruptive topics and discussions will not be tolerated. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
The picture forum is intended to share photographs of ourselves and our family.  Family pets and friends are also appropriate to post.  The maximum size of a picture is 600 K.  If you need to have a picture resized, please contact a board monitor or administrator.  Due to the fact that this is a "family based" forum, we will not allow posting of sexual or suggestive nature in these forums.  If  you have questions about the appropriateness of your photo(s), please contact a board moderator or administrator before posting.


As non-professionals we can not and must not give medical advice, encourage people to change and/or add a medication etc.
Flooding the message forums with posts will not be permitted. If it is determined by the moderators that a person is attempting to flood the message forums, they will be warned about this behavior. If the behavior continues, the member will be placed on a "moderated" status. If this behavior continues after warning and moderation, the member will be banned several days and/or up to permanent banning.
Posts may be edited and/or removed by the moderators at any time deemed necessary.  If you have questions or concerns about a deleted or edited post, please contact the moderators.
Posts may be moved from one forum to another as the topic of the post determines.
Removal of moderated or banned status is solely up to the moderators of the site and is based purely on the continued behavior of the member in question.  Once you have been banned for any length of time, a moderated status will follow for a period of time determined by the members behavior. 
Posting copyrighted materials:  When posting an article, pictures etc., please give links and home page links ONLY.  Always check the copyright statements on each source site.  Some sources do not even like for links to be published in other web sites.  If you do post a full article it must be accompanied by express written permission from the author or publisher.  All  posts of these type will be edited automatically to leave only the links.  If a post does not have a link, we have no choice but to delete the post.

While we make every effort to maintain and uphold the international copyright laws, Bipolar World can not be held responsible for individuals who post copyrighted materials.  If there are any violations of said laws, please contact us at [email protected] and we will make every reasonable effort as soon as possible to correct these violations.

With this in mind, all posts  freely added to the Invision Power Boards  become the property of Bipolar World and are copyrighted material.  They may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission of  Bipolar World.

We at Bipolar World realize that there are many bipolar support forums, chat rooms, and e-mail lists available on the web.  We encourage you to post links to informational sites, but request that if you want to link to another support area please contact us at [email protected].  Links to other support groups will not be permitted on the forums.
Message Forums: Open 24 hours a day. To place a message or view the messages on the message board go
HERE  and choose a Message Board. The Message Forum is also listed on the main Bipolar World page at We respectfully ask that you contact the forums moderators if you are having a problem of any kind.
19. Disclaimer

Bipolar World is a privately owned site(s) and is operated strictly by volunteers, which includes the owner and partners. We strive to offer concise and verifiable information about Bipolar Disorder, but we are not professionals. Do not use the information in this web site in any way to replace the advice of the doctor or professional who is caring for you. Always talk to your doctor before changing medications or dosage, or if you experience any serious side effects or questions regarding your health. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself based on the information presented, or attempt to treat yourself.

All interactive areas within the Bipolar World websites operate on a peer to peer basis. The site owner, partners, chat operators and supervisors, forum moderators and supervisors, and email group moderators and supervisors are all volunteers. None have special training in their area, other than their own personal experience with the illness (and this can vary from one person with bipolar disorder to another), personal education, and empathy for others.

Bipolar World accepts no responsibility for information posted in our chat room, forums, or email list. The opinions expressed in articles within our site are those of the writers, and may not reflect the opinion of Bipolar World. We are not responsible for the content within websites that are linked to or from Bipolar World. We retain the right to reject materials that we feel are inappropriate, or to ban individuals whose behavior is likewise inappropriate within the interactive areas.

All individuals with Bipolar Disorder are welcome within our community at their own discretion and at their own risk. Upon entrance to Bipolar World, and upon use of any of its information and/or interactive areas, you agree to release and hold harmless Bipolar World, it's owner, partners, and all of its volunteer representatives from any and all damages and liabilities that may arise from your participation at our online support sites located at and

Bipolar World is  privately owned and funded.  As such, we reserve the right to post, edit, or delete anything sent through these forums.  We also retain the right to ban, remove, or deny membership to anyone for any reason.  Finally, we retain the right to update and revise these guidelines as we see fit.

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