Win the BattleTitle:  Win The Battle
The 3-Step Lifesaving Formula to Conquer
Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Author:  Bob Olson with Melissa Olson

ISBN:  1-886284-31-8

Publisher:  Chandler House Press

Published:  1999

Win the Battle is a short, large print book especially designed for the manic (who can't sit still long enough to read) and for the depressed (who read slowly with little comprehension). 

Bob Olson gets his message across in his personal story of his battle with Bipolar Disorder and the three steps he discovered to achieve wellness.  Since 1994 Bob Olson has been well, and explains to the reader how it was possible for him and how it is possible for them as well.

Partially informational, and partially motivational and inspirational,  Win the Battle is a story of overcoming adversity and getting on with life.  For five years Bob suffered with all the terrors of Bipolar Disorder.  Medication after Medication presented hope, then failure.  21 ECT treatments did nothing to stop the relentless course of the illness until five years into the illness a medication was found that offered him relief for the chemical disorder that had bound him for five years. 

Throughout, Bob Olson was one of the lucky ones.  He  had the loving support of his wife Melissa and after trying three doctors he found the caring and understanding of a psychiatrist always willing to listen, discuss and understand Bob's thoughts and ideas.

Bob writes a compelling tale from personal experience, easily recognizable by those who have Bipolar Disorder and their families.  Read about his proven 3 step formula, belief, action and persistence.  Learn how you too can achieve wellness.

In the book are special chapters, one written by Melissa Olson, about coping with the disorder in a family member where she reiterates that regardless of the symptoms and signs of the illness, you must detach and understand they are not your fault.  Another chapter is a message to doctors, timely and well written.  Another deals with Suicide, a subject known intimately to many with this disorder

I enjoyed reading this story immensely.  As a diagnosed bipolar for twenty years I have always been interested in others like myself who have fought the battle and the solutions they have found.  I must admit to a small amount of skepticism here though.  Though I wish all the best for the Olson's and pray for Bob's continued well being, I also went through a "bipolar honeymoon" that lasted close to eight years before returning with a vengeance.

Win the Battle is a book well worth reading.  Much of the hope it offers will help even when chemistry does not permit a lengthy freedom from symptoms. 



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