Bipolar DisorderTitle: Bipolar Disorder:
A Guide for Patients and Families

Author:  Francis Mark Mondimore, M.D

ISBN:  0-8018-6118-7

Publisher:  The John Hopkins University Press

Published:  1999

Dr. Mondimore's book,  Bipolar Disorder, offers current and factualinformation to those individuals suffering from Bipolar Affective Disorderand their families.  Bipolar Disorder comes neatly packaged in a sixinch by nine inch book, and packed within its 256 pages is informationdesigned for both newcomers and individuals who have been diagnosed formany years.  Sure to be touted "the bipolar book of 1999!"

Doctor Mondimore writes clearly and concisely, in a manner designedto be understood by all.  His compassion and empathy for individualswith the disorder and their families is apparent throughout the book.

Bipolar Disorder is presented in a logical manner, from an explanationof normal and abnormal moods, through the diagnosis of the various typesof disorders, to a bit about the history of the disorder.  

Part II of the book goes on to discuss treatment of Bipolar Disorderand explains all of the up to date medications employed in the treatmentof individuals with bipolar disorder.  This is an excellent resourcefor anyone wanting to learn more about the medicine they have been prescribed. Included are the Mood Stabilizing Medications, Antidepressants, Antipsychotics,and a very interesting chapter about Other Medications, Hormones and anHerb (St John's Wort).

Electroconvulsive therapy and Counseling and Psychotherapy are alsodiscussed as they apply to Bipolar Disorder.

In Part III of the book Dr. Mondimore presents several very interestingtopics associated with Bipolar Disorder and of great concern to many readers. Genetics, Bipolar Biology, Alcoholism and Drug Use are topics discussed. A special chapter devoted to Bipolar Disorder in Children and Teens, atopic of much concern and debate at this time.

The first chapter of Part IV of the book is of such importance thatin my opinion it would have been better placed directly following the diagnosissection.  In this chapter Dr Mondimore looks at accepting, copingwith and living with the illness.  This is such an important partof successful compliance and treatment that it can not be overlooked.

Dr. Mondimore goes on to talk about the role of Families, an importantrole indeed, and how they might understand better, support and seek supportfor themselves.

As a twenty year veteran of bipolar disorder, and as a family member for over twenty years (my mom was bipolar), I have "seen" this disorder from both sides of the fence.  I have read every book I could lay my hands on and if I had a star rating system (I don't) Doctor Mondimore's "Bipolar Disorder" would surely win a five star plus rating.  I have recommended it to my friends and I highly recommend it to you!  




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