Self Esteem
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                    Self Esteem

                Read the statements following each of the 

following components of self esteem. Ask yourself how 

comfortable you are with the ideas 

                expressed and add your own 

                components of self esteem to make 

                a more comprehensive list. 




                I ask for help from others when I 

                need it. 

                I take good care of myself. 

                I treat myself the way 1'd like 

                others to treat me. 

                I am patient with myself. 

                I give love to myself. 

                I make choices that are right for 





                I like spending time alone. 

                I feel happy with the things I do. 

                I love and appreciate myself for who 

                I am. 

                I like my appearance. 



                I believe taking care of myself is 


                I have a lot to give to myself and 

                to others. 

                I have many good qualities. 

                I know it's okay to have the things 

                I want. 

                I am an important person. 




                I listen to my feelings and respect 


                I am not afraid of my Feelings. 

                I love to love and to be loved. 

                I know it's okay to have fun and 

                enjoy myself. 




                I am the master of my own life. 

                I do what's right for myself. 

                I stand up for myself and what I 


                I am not afraid to be myself. 

                I know that it's okay to take care 

                of my needs 




                I am getting better every day. 

                I take risks and open up to others.

                I accept and make changes in my 


                I feel excited about my growth. 

                I like setting goals for myself. 

                I find each day challenging and 





                I believe I can listen for the 

                guidance offered by a Power greater 

                than myself. 

                I know I have strength within me. 

                I have the wisdom and patience to 

                achieve my desires 

                I make decisions for myself. 




                Who I can become is important to me. 

                I am proud of my accomplishments. 

                I am always ready to set new goals. 

                I can do whatever I set out to do. 

                My life is filled with meaning. 



                I have a positive attitude. 

                I treat my body with respect.

                I have the power to make myself feel 


                I like how I feel inside. 



                I am not perfect, and this is 


                I attract loving relationships in my 


                I feel happy with my life. 

                I LOVE myself. 




                I will not settle for less in life 

                despite the fact that I may have 

                grown up in a dysfunctional home 

                with dysfunctional parents who 

                criticized and found fault rather 

                than offered encouragement and praise.

                     I will have confidence in my own



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