Strategies for Coping With Stress
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Strategies for Coping With Stress

Each and every day we face stress.   Stress is actually a necessity of life.  Mild stress helps us make appointments on time, remember important dates, and get those last minute details worked out on a project that is due tomorrow.  This is usually not what causes us to become "distressed" in our day to day lives.  Sometimes too many of these minor stresses all piled one atop of each other can create major stress, and now we're talking a whole new ball game. Not to mention what happens when we try to cope with major stresses of loss of any kind, such as the loss of a loved one, losing a job, or separation of a relationship.

Below is a list of suggestions that may help you when you are trying to cope with stress in your day to day life.  Not all of these suggestions are meant for everyone.  You may even find that a coping skill that worked for you before seems empty and useless now. The key to your success is to keep a list of things that work for you, and a willingness to try new things.  You may even find that things that did not work previously work this time around.


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stop living in the past listen objectively to feedback from others, do not let your pride get in the way, but offer your point of view in a calm manner stop waiting/worrying about the future, live for today
forgive yourself for past mistakes make friends with people who are positive and who like themselves write a journal of your moods, thoughts and activities (you may be able to identify triggers in this way)
for every negative thought you have counteract that with a positive one be honest about how you feel, but do not tread on other's feelings list your successes, refer to these often and be sure to add entries as well
express yourself in writings and art (even if you are the only one you share this with) share a hobby with a friend set realistic goals
find a hobby that you enjoy whether that be crafts, cooking, gardening (the possibilities are endless) stop "collecting" people with problems, or at least stop trying to rescue them learn what is controllable in your life and what is not, if it's not controllable, shift your response
pretend you are a perfect parent to YOURSELF let other people run their own lives avoid alcohol and/or street drugs
tell yourself you CAN do it give up the envy meditate/pray daily
tell yourself positive things every time you see your reflection  expect to enjoy relationships read a self help book (if you have trouble with concentration while reading, try reading out loud)
practice calm self expression stop looking for someone else to blame take a continuing education course
stop "shoulding" on yourself talk bout your strengths practice problem solving rather than waiting for solutions
find your special "gift" and develop it ask for help in a straightforward way, it is very difficult for anyone else to read your mind exercise regularly, one hour per day 
RELAX compliment others  practice good posture
give yourself permission to be afraid of success or failure stop assuming others can't get along with you eat healthy
if you fail - try again go out with friends make a daily list of 5 things you want to accomplish, start out simple
stop feeling sorry for yourself, decide to be determined to succeed stay involved with positive people make a list of 5 things that you are grateful for daily
get enough rest share yourself take vacations
stop reflecting on things that did not work out, let the past be the past, learn from your mistakes, don't let them control your life now volunteer practice being alert
dress in a way that feels right for you list and then share responsibilities stop letting things drift
make decisions listen to others do something exciting
smile at your reflection compromise occasionally organize your work and focus on one thing at a time
make your living arrangements uncluttered and comfortable learn to ask for what you need/want protect yourself from unsafe situations
wear loose fitting clothes at home learn to laugh (children are the best teachers) engage in spiritual activities
listen to music smile at others plan on facing a difficult problem, then plan out the steps to solve the problem
enjoy your sexuality get and give a massage practice focusing and concentrating
keep your body clean do nice things for others without being asked explore your ideas
sing make a special dinner for your significant other or best friend take one step at a time
avoid excessive noise reach out visualize your success

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