Hi, This is Southernbelle.  I'm 29, diagnosed with bipolar 1 with mixed episodes when I was 26, March of 2006.  I then became dx'd with PTSD, ADD, OCD, have been dx'd with Anxiety Panic Disorder since 18, dx'd with seizures since January of this year, and anorexia since December of 2007. I've been hospitalized 6 times, of which were last year.  I have been somewhat stable since December of 2007.  Recently I started volunteering on the main bipolar forums as a news reporter.


Speedy Mike


Mike Carrington was born and raised in Louisiana.  He graduated from a small Methodist college in Mathematics.  Thanks to the Viet Nam war, Mike spent time in Washington state and the republics of Texas, Turkey and Spain.  On his return to the US, Mike lived in Colorado and was a Computer geek until his retirement.  Early retirement was due to side effects of bipolar medication.  He now lives near Olympia in Washington state.







In 1973 I was first diagnosed with Mental Illness. In 1993 they changed my diagnosis to bipolar disorder. I am married to a bipolar, and with the help of Bpw and our psychiatrist, and many years of therapy, meds...
Life is good.


Thanks Wabbit!


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