Honorary (Paul)


Most of you don't know Paul.  You won't find him in the chat room, on the bulletin board or the email list .... but trust me, he belongs on this list of volunteers!! 

Many of you remember Kodiak (Ben) who devoted many, many hours to Bipolar World ostensibly in the capacity of Bulletin Board Monitor, but his influence reached throughout the community here at Bipolar World.  Sadly we lost Kodiak to cancer on August 25, 2000, (his 50th birthday) a sad day for me personally (Collie) and for all who knew him.  He was a wonderful man.

And the wonderfulness appears to be a family trait.  Paul, Kodiak's brother,  has donated his time and expertise in html (cgi in particular) to set up our new bulletin board and several other areas on the site.  In addition he has always been available and responded immediately when we have had problems.

Thank you Paul!!!  Could not have done it without you!






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