Columnist Graham Brown
Graham has built a captive audience over the
past couple of years who love reading his to the point
and often humorous articles About Bipolar Disorder





Meet Andy!  He has been a chat operator with Bipolar World for several years now, where he has been instrumental in supporting many who have come to him for help.  Andy goes out of his way, outside of chat hours, to maintain that support if he can.  We at BPW know ... and appreciate his dedication to others with bipolar disorder.

Thanks Andy!



It was early 2005 when I first arrived here and found such a wonderful variety of people. There were people that were diagnosed long before myself along with people that were just diagnosed last week, people in all stages of stability, and people from all walks of life. I became a Behavior OP in the fall of 2007 and am committed to keeping the room as helpful as it was the day I first arrived.

Thanks Bunkers!



Hi, my name is Okie aka Choi and I was dx'd bp in 1993.  I'm married and have 2 kids and live in Portland, Oregon.   I've been a chat op for 3 years now.  My biggest support has been my husband and the support channel.  I've been threw rough times but the support has been there for me and for that I'm greatful.  I hope other people get the same support as I do.  God bless everyone.

Thanks Choi!






Hi roomies!! My name is Cindy and I live in Fort Worth, TX.  Besides loving being in the room I enjoy swimming, reading and cooking.  I've been a chat op since 2008 and a chatter for longer.  I've been Dx'd as bipolar for over 20 years and am thankfully on a good med combo now and am fairly stable. 

 Love you all and see you in the room!!

Thanks Cowgirlie!




My name is Nikki and I was dx'ed BPI at the age of 14 and I have been enjoying this ride since!  I am now 27 and enjoy doing search and rescue with my dog Hank who is a Black Mouth Cur (my best friend in the world).  He has helped me through my darkest periods! 

I love BPW!  This place has helped me so much and I love helping other people, so when asked to become a part of the team on the Bipolar World forums I was so happy and more than willing to give back.


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