Where can I go for more information
What can I read for more information
What Accommodations Work in School
How does mental illness interfere with functioning at school
Educational Scenarios
Frequently Asked Questions From Educators
How-to Tips for Educators
Where can I go for more information
What can I read for more information

Reasonable Accommodations
for People with Psychiatric Disabilities:
An On-line Resource for Employers and Educators

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Employers and educators need practical information about reasonable accommodations for people who have psychiatric disabilities. Here’s what is available at this site :

News You Can Use

What accommodations work on the job?

How does mental illness interfere with functioning on the job?

Scenarios: What Would You Do?

Frequently Asked Questions

How-To Tips for Employers

Where can I go for more information?

What can I read for more information?

What accommodations work in school?

How does mental illness interfere with functioning in school?

Scenarios: What Would You Do?

Frequently Asked Questions

How-To Tips for Educators

Where can I go for more information?

What can I read for more information?

Research Projects

Training and Consultation

Center Specialists in this Topic Area

This site was made possible by a grant from the Tower Foundation, a family foundation that supports research and dissemination of information about people with psychiatric disabilities.

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