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Psychotherapy is a set of techniques believed to cure or to help solve behavioral and other psychological problems in humans. The common part of these techniques is direct personal contact between therapist and patient, mainly in the form of talking Owing to the nature of these communications, there are significant issues of patient privacy and/or client confidentiality

Schools and approaches

Psychoanalysis was the earliest form of psychotherapy, but many other theories and techniques are now used by psychotherapists , psychologists , psychiatrists , personal growth facilitators and social workers . Techniques for group therapy have been developed.

While behaviour is often a target of the work, many approaches value the notion of "psyche" in the root of the word. This is especially true of the psychodynamic schools of psychotherapy, which today include Jungian therapy and Psychodrama. Other approaches focus on the link between the mind and body and try to access deeper levels of the psyche through manipulation of the physical body. Examples are Rolfing , Pulsing and Postural Integration

A distinction can also be made between those psychotherapies that employ a medical model and those that employ a humanistic model. In the medical model the client is seen as unwell and the therapist employs their skill to help them back to health. An example would be Freudian psychotherapy. In the humanistic model the therapist facilitates learning in the individual and the clients own natural process draws them to a fuller understanding of themselves. An example would be Gestalt therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy aims to treat specific symptoms or problems in a limited number of therapeutic sessions and for this reason is particularly common where the mode of psychotherapy is dictated by the demands of insurancecompanies who wish to see a financially limited commitment.

A computer program called ELIZA has been built to perform an automated and extremely simplified version of Rogersian psychotherapy [edit </w/index.php?


List of psychotherapeutic modalities

In the 20th century a bewildering range of psychotherapies sprang up in western societies.

The following is only a partial list:

Analytical psychology Autogenic psychotherapy Behavior therapy Biodynamic psychotherapy Bioenergetic analysis Bioenergetics Biosynthesis Brief therapy Classical Adlerian Psychotherapy Co-Counselling Cognitive analytic psychotherapy Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy Concentrative movement therapy Core process psychotherapy Daseins analytic psychotherapy Depth Psychology Dialectical behavior therapy Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Encounter groups Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) Existential analysis Family systems therapy Focusing Freudian psychotherapy Gestalt therapy Gestalt Theoretical Psychotherapy Group therapy Hakomi Holotropic Breathwork Humanistic psychology Hypnotherapy Human givens Integrative Psychotherapy Jungian psychotherapy Logotherapy Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) Person centred psychotherapy Personal construct psychology (PCP) Positive psychotherapy Postural integration Primal integration Process Oriented Psychology Primal therapy Provocative therapy Psychedelic psychotherapy Psychoanalysis Psychodrama Psychodynamic psychotherapy Psycho-Organic analysis Psychosynthesis Pulsing (bodywork) Rational emotive behaviour psychotherapy Reichian psychotherapy Rogersian (or Rogerian) psychotherapy Rolfing Solution focused brief therapy Sophia analysis Self Relationship (or Sponsorship) Systemic therapy T Groups Transactional analysis (TA) Transpersonal psychotherapy

List of techniques used in psychotherapy

The following techniques may be employed in psychotherapy although which are used will depend on the nature of the therapy

Art work Dance movement therapy Catharsis /Coaching Congruence Dramatic re-enactment of past trauma Dream analysis and interpretation Empathy Hot seat Hypnosis Journal work Massage Minimal Encouragers Paradoxical intention Reflective Listening Regression Role play Sand play Unconditional positive regard > Validation Working through Projections Working through Transference


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