Food Allergies

Are you ALLERGIC?  Each and every year more and more people are discovering their "chronic illnesses" are related to food allergies.  I know a  Priest, I'll call him "Father J".  A young man who has been sickly all of his life.  Two years ago he discovered that he had some major food allergies.  He has adjusted his dietary lifestyle and now is leading one of the happiest and healthiest lives ever.  

The most common food allergies are to gluten found in  wheat products, egg allergies, lactose intolerance found in milk and milk products, soy allergies and peanuts.  There are many more less common allergies.  If you feel that you could be suffering from a food allergy, ask your doctor for a referral to a food allergist and registered dietician.

Find out about food allergies and how they can affect you at .  

This site has plenty of information on the topic, and you could discover that part of your problems could actually be allergic reactions to the foods you are eating.  Depression, irritability, drowsiness, and dizziness can all be signs of a food allergy.  

Here are some other food allergy links that you should check out: 


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