Benny the Bipolar Puppy  ~ Page 7~


This time Benny was in real trouble.  When the policeman came to the door and told Mr and Mrs Dalmay that he was there to question Benny about the garage that burned down on the next street, Benny broke down sobbing.  He admitted that he and a couple of friends were behind the garage playing with a lighter and setting fire to the long grass.  When the garage caught fire Benny panicked and was going to tell the people but one of the other older pups hit him in the eye.
One day Benny came running home with a black eye and he refused to tell his parents how he got it.  While they were questioning him Mr Dalmay happened to look up and see a police car in the driveway.  

Mr Dalmay explained to the policeman that Benny was ill, and not responsible.