Benny the Bipolar Puppy  ~ Page 3 ~


Mr Dalmay let out a loud whoop of joy and hugged and kissed his wife. They talked far into the night about how perfect their little family would be, and they made plans to build a nursery in the spare bedroom. They were filled with happiness and had no idea that the future could be anything less than perfect.


Over the next months they painted and decorated, and bought all the necessities for a newborn, and when the time came for the birth they were prepared. It was 3 o'clock in the morning when Benjamin Gregory Dalmay was born (Benny for short). From the beginning Benny seemed a little different from other infants Mrs. Dalmay had read about. He was very difficult to settle, despite the fact that he was clean, fed and warm. His parents took turns rocking him and singing soft lullabies and he would finally fall asleep, only to wake a half hour later. He seemed very "clingy" and was happiest when he was being held.  But the loved him so much they overlooked any problems.



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