Benny the Bipolar Puppy  ~ Page 10~



All of a sudden Benny began to see the beauty all around him.....birds, flowers, and butterflies were all around and for the first time in his young life Benny felt the pleasure of enjoying the gorgeous sounds, smells and objects.

Yes, Benny has Bipolar Disorder but he has already learned that it can be controlled, and he can be the sweet lovable puppy that everyone always wanted him to be...and how he wanted to be...and feel.



Benny was so happy to be home.  Even little things like the birds in the trees were exciting for him because for so long he was unable to enjoy anything because of the bad feelings inside of himself.  Benny's mother came with him to the school to explain to Benny's teacher and principal that Benny had Bipolar Disorder, and told them how important it was he take his medicine on time.  Mrs Dalmay told them the medicine did not cure the illness, but controlled it, and she compared it to a diabetic taking insulin.

The End

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