Pamela's Story

My daughter, Melanie is now 21, but at 16 she had her 1st psychotic attack. 
She had been very ill with bronchitis and being asthmatic the doctors had
put her on steroids to keep her out of hospital.  Instead she ended up in a
children's psychiatric hospital for 5-6 weeks.

Though she never completely recovered, she went back to school and a few
years later was unemployed and living on a disability allowance.  She was
diagnosed as being schizophrenic.

Last year her health deteoriated over a number of months and depression set
in.  Her psych wasn't listening to me about her many negative systoms and
within weeks she had a complete mental and physical breakdown.  I had only 2
choices, put her in a secure mental hospital or keep her at home under lock
and key. I chose to keep her at home, love is a better healer than stress. I
could not take her anywhere because she would cry and have panic attacks all
the time. So we walked almost every day.

We changed psychs and medication and she made encouraging progress, but even
after 3 months her negative thought disorder was too difficult to deal with.
  So one night I got on the net and looked at 'Schizophrenia and diet'  (we
had just celebrated Christmas and could tell the christmas foods had
affected her).  I read for weeks and weeks about the benefits of fish oil
and flaxseed oil.  What did we have to lose?

Passing a health food shop I purchased the flaxseed oil and also some Vit E
(need to have them together).  Within one week of taking the flaxseed oil,
her thought disorder disappeared and she is at last a happy young lady. 
That was 4 months ago, and we have not had a relapse.  She is now catching
public transport, doing an art course and has booked and paid for her trip
to Bali with her brother and some friends.

Such a long way in such a short time!!

Flaxseed oil is benenficial to schizophrenia, bi-polar, other mental
illnesses, rheumatoid arthritis, hormonal problems, even some cancers, skin
conditions etc etc. Check the net, its all there.

We mix the flaxseed oil (15ml per day) with drinking yoghurt to aid
digestion and make it more platable.  Add a 500 iu capsule of vit E.  We
also give Mel an excellent vitamin/mineral supplement with selenium in it.
We chose flaxseed oil, over fish oil as Mel willnot swallow capsules, and no
one would want to drink fish oil!!  Also 10-12 capsules a day are the same
as 15 ml of flaxseed oil.  So the oil in the bottle is cheaper.

I have given out this information to many people.  It is human nature to try
new things, when the traditional ways dont work.  I waited over 5 years
before I found out this information (I wasn't looking for it!) I was
desperate for a solution and we found it.  Try it, its cheap, its good for
you.  Do not take if you are also on Warfarin, blood thinning medication. 
Find a good holistic qualified doctor.  We did, he was very helpful also.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions.  I will be happy to answer them.


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