Is Stavzor Equal to Depakote & Stavzor ER to Depakote ER?
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Q:  Is Stavzor Equal to Depakote & Stavzor ER to Depakote ER?

Can you tell me anything about Stavzor new form of depokote what advantage other than pill size and less stomach upset.  The main concern of course I have is weight gain as yrs ago i took those big pink pills and blew up into goodyear blimp lol Is Stavzor equal to Depokote and is Stavzor er equal to depokote er this is very confusing Can you clear this up?


Hello Linda --
Letís see, Stavzor.
Well, here in the U.S., we have a generic version of Depakote now. We refer to it by the generic name, divalproex. We even have a divalproex ER, the slow release (which causes somewhat less initial trouble with nausea, though the old DR (direct release) is not too bad, at least after a few days for most folks.

Stavzor, had to look that up. It appears to be a trade name version of valproate, another trade name version of which is Depakene (which we have here in the US). This one does bother peopleís stomach quite a bit more leading to more frequent stopping-the-medication. So Iíve used Depakote for years until the generics came out, which was just recently (when the price goes down eventually, which takes a while, that will be great; right how itís still rather expensive even for the generics, though not even in the same league as the new antipsychotics).

But generic valproate ought to be very inexpensive.  Itís low cost would be the only reason to use it, I would think (so using a trade name version, e.g. Stavzor, wouldnít make much sense; but sometimes the doctor just writes the old trade name with permission for the pharmacist to switch to the generic).

In my experience there is a slightly lower problem with weight gain with divalproex ER, i.e. the ER version of divalproex that used to be Depakote ER until the generic became available (it is confusing, isnít it). But that may be mostly because the pills are not fully absorbed so the dose is about 15% less, on average, than the face value of the pills. But I still just use divalproex ER for everything now.

I hope that answers your question, or helps anyway.

Dr. Phelps


Published June, 2009


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