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Q:  Pfeiffer Approach...

Dr. Phelps,

My son is sza or bipolar. We have tried all atypicals, (only small doses of risperdal helps) lithium, (helps) Depakote and Trileptal created hostility, thyroid was too much for him. Anyway I think you get the picture. Your site has been extremely helpful. Thank you for that. We are now looking outside the box. I met an Er dr. who has an autistic son. She and her husband are both physicians. They took their son to the best clinics in the country only to be told that her son had an IQ of 74 and needed to be hospitalized for life. She said I never thought I would try alternative, but she had no where else to go. It worked! Her son is now in college with a 3.7 gpa in computer science. She said the research and development at Pfeiffer is incredible. She is so impressed that she spends one day a week testing patients. She has had luck. She sends difficult cases to Pfeiffer. I don't know if this will work for my son, but I do know I respect her opinion.

Another family md in Ireland uses the Pfeiffer approach. He is so impressed with results that he has written a how to site. His name is Ed O'Flaherty I found him on psycho babble. This md has people coming to him from all over Ireland. He supplements meds with the vitamins. He spells out the recipe. He does not change the psych meds but he has found the pdocs of his patients often are lowering and in some cases taking patients off of meds. I am writing this to you because you have always been such a beacon to me. You seem to have an open mind. As I said I was always skeptical of vitamin therapy, but I am beginning to want to try this approach for my son. I thought you might want to know this information as I know you try to support anything that helps.

 Dear Ms. V - - 
I surfed around a bit, Pfeiffer  and Ed O'Flaherty and other search terms, found a few clues but no links to the site you're talking about. Looked at Pfeiffer's book on Amazon about orthomolecular approaches, couldn't look inside it. Can you send me a link to something where I can learn more about this? Great solutions can start with a few great outcomes (but far more often one sees only a gradual loss of interest with the occasional flare-up over a presumably lost great idea). What would be nice is if there was a thread of an explanation that made sense, and some evidence behind that thread -- as we could wait for a long time for a randomized trial of many of these ideas, though should maintain our skepticism until we see such data -- unless the treatment is harmless (and we have good reason to think it so) and cheap! 

Dr. Phelps

Published January, 2007

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