Update on Lamictal & Melanin Binding
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Q:  Update on Lamictal & Melanin Binding

Hi Dr. Phelps,

I am taking Lamictal as long-term monotherapy for bipolar disorder.  I've been curious about the melanin-binding tendencies of the drug.  There is concern that it could conceivably cause long-term problems in they eyes.

You wrote in response to an earlier letter  Lamictal & Melanin Binding  that there were only two  sources of information about this issue: a paragraph in the the Product Information for Lamictal, and a 2005 article by Arndt. 

However, you said you'd asked the manufacturer to send you any information they had  Did you hear anything?  Do you have more information?

Thanks so very much,

Dear Nathan -- 
I did. I learned nothing more. At this point there is no clear basis for concern. Remember this medication, originally an anti-seizure medication, has been around nearly 15 years. That's a lot of folks out ahead of you (unless you've been on it for longer than most folks with bipolar disorder).  Some comfort to be taken there, perhaps. 

Dr. Phelps

Published December, 2006

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