Zprexa Zydis & Weight Reduction
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Q:  Zprexa Zydis & Weight Reduction

Dr. Phelps,  is zyprexa a long term treatment for me

I appreciate all your time and patience in dealing with our concerns. I was wondering about the Zyprexa Zydis and weight reduction. I want to know if you have found any more evidence or results with this medication.

Thank You,

Hello Ms. R' -- 
I have a few patients on Zyprexa, and I've switched nearly all of them over to Zydis at some point to see if it made a difference. In one case, a women I would have thought would gain weight didn't (in fact she's lost 25 pounds, and wasn't trying that hard). But it's hard to know if that had anything to do with Zydis. 

In another case, a women lost weight for a bit and has since gone back up some, not all the way yet -- but we had added zonisamide and that's supposed to cause weight loss, so again, can't tell for sure with Zydis. I only have a few other patients on Zyprexa, with no other memorable patterns of change to report. 

In other words, I still don't know but I haven't ruled it out. 

Dr. Phelps

Published December, 2006

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