Risperdal Consta
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Q:  Risperdal Consta

Hello, I am bipolar and was wondering if you have heard of or have prescribed the Risperdal Consta Injection before.  It seems that I am having a reaction to this medication that kinda scares me.  It has to do with my heart.  Not long after I receive the injection my heart begins to palpitate very rapidly for no apparent reason.  I get flashes of anxiety, and it feels like there is an abnormal arithmia within my heart.  My blood pressure seems to be elevated as well so they prescribed me lopressor 50mg daily for the hypertension.  It seems to me that the lopressor and risperdal consta do not mix very well.  I never had a problem with hypertension prior the getting this injection.  I have been getting this injection since last january and my symptoms seem to be getting worse and worse each month.  Should I be alarmed?  I think I should change medications.  Have you heard of the injection, Prolixin?  My mother is an RN and has suggested that I talk to my doctor about trying that one instead.  What are your thoughts.

Extremely concerned for my health,
thanks in advance,

Dear Mr. D'E -- 

Sorry, I have not used risperidone in the Consta form at all, so cannot go by my own experience on this. You are correct to understand Prolixin, as an injectable medication, as being used for similar purposes. We used to use that one a lot. It has its own side effect possibilities of course, but there too you can take the oral version for a bit to make sure your body tolerates it okay before switching to the shot. But then, as you've seen here, even that switch can present new problems. Sorry, I don't have much useful for you here. 

Dr. Phelps

Published November, 2007

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