Aspartame & Effects on BP
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Q:  I am finding contradicting information on Aspartame and it's effects on Bipolar Disorder.  Can you help me by directing me in a more truthful place to research this out? 

Thank you!! 

Hello Jennifer
Six years ago someone asked about the same question (
Aspartame and Bipolar; not that I'd expect you to find it; and it's time to look again anyway). Using the same search process described in the previous letter, we find no new articles. Extending the search by using the "related articles" feature at PUB MED, there's an article on aspartame effects generally, from a team which includes a bipolar specialist, but which does not name any specific effects regarding bipolar disorder; yet even this is from 1989 (the earlier letter cited was from 1986). 

For much looser data, here's a summary article by our astute friend John McManamy (whose newsletter is truly excellent; anyone who reads my letters here will enjoy his, and should sign up -- and contribute a little something).

Dr. Phelps

Published Sept. 2006


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