Experiencing Twitches
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Q:  Experiencing Twitches

Doctor -- I was diagnosed w/BP in 1996, and have been on and off various meds trying to find the "right one".  Over the course of the past few years, I have also noticed an increase in what I have always called "twitches."  It is like an electrical misfire in my body (I suppose one would call them seizures -- not sure b/c I have never been diagnosed.) 

My 11 y/o son was recently diagnosed BP, as well.  He has had the same kinds of "twitches" since he was about 8 years old, coupled w/blackouts and dizzy spells.  My son does much better when he is on his medication (Lamictal).  When he forgets to take it b/c he is spending the night off, I notice a difference more in his physical well being than his mental/emotional well being.  

I am presently on Geodon for the mania spells and Paxil for the depression.  But I am not taking any anti-seizure  meds like my son. 
I am wondering if the "twitches" may be a form of epilepsy and if I should have it further investigated.

Dear M' -- 
That sounds like a very reasonable question.  Geodon and other such medications can cause "twitches", but the fact that your son has them; and that they seem to be suppressed by an anti-seizure medication; is pretty suggestive.  Be careful about how you ask about "seizures" or you could end up losing your driver's license; on the other hand, you might have a seizure condition that could worsen, in theory (although you've had this for so many years without a problem), so it might be worth getting it checked out. Your primary care doc' might just reassure you, which would be good; or she might choose to do an electroencephalogram (EEG; painless but elaborate). 

Dr. Phelps

Published April, 2006


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