Chiropractic Adjustments & Bipolar Disorder
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Q:  Chiropractic Adjustments & Bipolar Disorder

Hi Dr. Phelps,

 Regarding whether Chiropractic adjustments help bipolars, I can say that it's likely they do since  they remove  stress from a person's body.  Removing stress allows the brain to manufacture and  maintain levels of serotonin more efficiently.

 The nervous system and the spine is so delicate and complex that it's likely that regular doctors have largly missed the boat on this topic.


Dear Dr. Awnster --
I would be pleased to see any evidence you can provide in support of your assertions.  I know that controlled research is difficult and costly, but I hope you'd agree that until we have some sort of evidence to support a claim of treatment efficacy, we should all be very cautious.  Otherwise, we leave our patients open to any claim, by anyone, for any treatment.  If all we have to go on is someone's claim, then those who make the best claims -- whether their treatment really works or not -- are likely to sway patients.  All we have to do is add some kind of potential for financial gain to this picture, and we have a risk that patients will be taking whatever is advertised best.  Let us all cleave to evidence for the protection of our patients.  

Jim Phelps

Published April 2005



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