MMPI & Bipolar Disorder:Association of Autoimmune Disorders & BPII?
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Q:  Association of Autoimmune Disorders & BPII? : MMPI & Bipolar Disorder

Question 1:

I have antiphospholipid antibody syndrome otherwise known as Hughes syndrome.  Since diagnosis of that in March of 2002, I have been on various anti-depressants (Celexa, Wellburtin) with no real improvement in depression or irritability or the migraines. For the migraines, I've tried topomax, elavil, noratriptlyne(sp?) verapmil, and all seem to fail about 6 months into treatment.  My debilitating migraines are back.  Does any research show a connection to auto-immune disorders and bipolar II?

Question 2:  Due to a divorce, I took a MMPI test.  Does Bipolar II show up in the MMPI? 

My doctor brought up bipolar II with me today when I explained my mood swings.  My family says my highs are too high and my lows are too low.  I want off this ride.

Thank you for a wonderful site!  Best information I have found yet!


Dear Paula --
1. Autoimmune disorders have not been directly associated with bipolar disorder to my knowledge. There's an indirect connection through thyroid problems, which are often autoimmune and have been associated with bipolar disorder. I wouldn't be surprised if there were multiple other indirect connections. The research on the "cause" of bipolar disorder is steaming ahead, narrowing down on "brain plasticity" and "neurogenesis" and "trophic changes", perhaps all relating to how the neurons' mitochondria are working -- the point being that there's not been much hint in all this of an autoimmune component, that I've seen anyway.

2. Bipolar II does not show up in an MMPI, certainly not "as such", and even in most of the scales in the MMPI there would be little to hint at "bipolar" (mood disturbance yes, but "bipolar" as such, no).

3. Thanks for the encouraging words...

Dr. Phelps

Published August, 2004


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