Abilify : Depakote & Metabolism
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Q:  Abilify : Depakote & Metabolism

At 48, over 6' and with only 1500 calories a day with daily exercise, I have gained over 15 pounds since starting Depakote three months ago.  Two questions: does this drug actually change my body's metabolism?  And any experience yet with Abilifx?  Thanks. 

Dear Mr. R' -- 
There is a bit of evidence implicating Depakote in a metabolic shift.  Several research teams are pretty convinced Depakote causes
polycystic ovarian syndrome, which you'll see is a variant of metabolic syndrome, which is clearly associated with weight gain and is by definition a "change in your body's metabolism". 

As for Abilify, my general policy is to let other people find out what the real problems are, as opposed to those which emerged prior to marketing in the FDA-required trials.  For example, it's really only just now becoming clear that Zyprexa can cause really serious weight gain, like but probably worse than Depakote, even to the point of causing diabetes and at least one clear death due to hyperglycemia (you'll see that case cited in the essay on weight gain and bipolar as well as linked from the other links above).  So I don't try new stuff unless I'm forced into it by the failure of older stuff, which doesn't happen too often, so I'm slow to learn -- though I watch the experience of others pretty closely.  Haven't seen anything to distinguish Abilify yet, good or bad. 

Dr. Phelps

Published January, 2003


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