Does Serotonin Affect Insulin Levels & Do Psych Meds Contribute?
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Q:  Does Serotonin Affect Insulin Levels & Do Psych Meds Contribute?

Dr. Atkins new book age defying diet page 44, mentions metformin and a professor or Dr. Vladimir Dilman of St. Petersburg as in Russia and attributes insulin as reason and cause of aging and of course diabetes/heart disease.   It say way more and I'm still on this page. Thought you would like to know there are other studies with metformin???
Will my meds that affect Serotonin levels in the brain affect this in any way.  Help please.  I will see if I can get a answer from my Dr who prescribes my meds but it's hard to get answer to this dilemma and I just had my blood test again and my triglycerides are way high.  My Doctor says take fishoil and we will see if we can bring in down in three months ????

Please do tell if Serotonin affects insulin levels and do psych meds contribute to this. by the way I've seen your link on and if you ask me they don't advocate meds and I was wondering if this is why ?


Dear Chris -- 
Thanks for the references, I'll check those out.  Here's an interesting one I found while researching yours:  a patient whose quite
severe depression improved, not with antidepressant treatment, but with metformin (and spironolactone, also used with metformin for the treatment of the metabolic syndrome variant PCOS).  Somehow you'd think that there's a connection to serotonin, wouldn't you -- although searching on PUB MED using "serotonin metformin" yielded nothing else.  

Dr. Phelps

Published September, 2003 


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