Concerned about Lithium & TSH Level
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Q:  Concerned about Lithium & TSH Level

dx. depression1992, bipolar 2, 1998. on lithium for 11/2 yrs. i am very sensitive to medications, and have been tried on quite a few.  I have had thyroid studies for years and all normal until Lithium.  My TSH was 110, so synthroid increased to 50 mg.   tsh level 6 weeks later 80. bumped up to 100mcg. synthroid, which I could not tolerate.  Went back to 50mcg. and now titrated up to 75.  I am feeling very irritable.  My doc said if tsh does not come down, will have to see an endocronoligist.  This concerns me as is Lithium induced hypothroidism.  I question going, or changing meds.  I am still not "stable" but functioning.  I will discuss this seeing a specialist when I see Dr. Warren june 13, however I would appreciate your input into this so i can make a more informed decision.  I am a Registered Nurse(not worked since march though) and able to understand medical language.  Thank you. 

p.s. sorry I rambled on, is 3.10am and not sleepy despite my meds.

Dear Debi -- 
With apologies for the shortness of my reply, as I just lost about an hour of work and got that nice little message from Microsoft: "sorry for any inconvenience"...

Ask your doc' about trying T3/T4 in combination, as described somewhat on my site under Thyroid and Bipolar.  Otherwise it looks like you'd be junking lithium, and there might be something worth saving there.  

Dr. Phelps

Published July, 2003


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