Losing Track of Days
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Q:  Losing Track of Days

My mind has seemed to be getting worse, even thouth my doctor has cut back my Depokote, thinking it was overdoses me. I am on Depoke,1000 mg and effoxer,150 and Geodod,80 mg. She also has me on 15 mg of ritlan a day plus xanax.  Ihave been taking all this for 13 years now, and I am started to lose track of days.  things that I think happened tonight,excally happened yesterday, and it is really started to bother me.  Is my Bipolar disorder getting worse or what? Please help me with an answer. 


Dear Ms. D' -- 
Sorry, I can't tell from this whether it's medication effects, which is possible (Effexor especially, possibly Geodon, perhaps Ritalin -- Depakote at this dose would be the least of my worries, unless you're over 60, in which case it would join the rest about even); or your illness itself; or an aging effect, especially if there's any alcohol in the picture.  All are worth considering, as well as some others, like sleep apnea and how much oxygen you're getting generally; thyroid testing; and other medical issues like how well your heart is working (if you're feeling physically okay, that's not at all likely).   So, your doctor sounds like she is working on the problem.  It may take a while to sort it out.  My two cents is watch out for antidepressants: they can over-rev' the engine and you have to add on medications like Geodon and xanax to hold it back, and then you can start clouding the windshield, so to speak.  Your doctor is probably well aware of that risk, but just politely ask to make sure.   Good luck with that.  

Dr.  Phelps

Published December, 2002 


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