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Q:  Pdoc in Alberta or California Who Might Help?

Dr. Phelps
I have been married to the same woman for ten years. I'm not sure if she's Bipolar but after reading a fair amount of information, I suspect she is. We were both single parents living in Idaho and after my daughter could take no more, she left.  We then separated and I came to California and she returned to Calgary Alberta Canada. Now her daughter has left for her fathers.  In the past she has commited adultry (4 times) and says she has no idea why. She says she loves me and our daughters but she keeps hurting and lying to absolutly everyone around her. She  contradicts herself daily. She has highs and lows. Even though she sees shes at fault, she places the blame on anyone but herself.  She is adopted and in contact with her birth mother. It's turned horrible though.  She makes plans with her also and fails to show up or even call.  I suspect her biological father was a family member. Would this have any affect on brain chemistry?  She's a loving person and a hard worker.  I love her so much and I would hate to lose her.

Do you know someone in Calgary Alberta or Ventura California that may be able to help her?

Dear Mr. K' -- 
Sorry to hear of this story.  In Edmonton -- is that close enough? -- there's a woman with very solid credentials.  I'd be surprised if she was taking new patients but her office might be able to recommend someone:  Dr. Finola Fogarty.  

In the US you can use the Harvard Bipolar database.   For example,  -- is Santa Barbara close enough? -- there's a Dr. Dennis Plesong who's listed in the Harvard Bipolar Database as having expertise in bipolar disorder.  His office number is 805 681 7517; or was as of Jan '01.  Again, you'd probably have to ask for local suggested referral; folks like this are usually full, but may know of someone who's good who's taking new patients.    

Dr. Phelps

Published October, 2002


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