Symptoms After a Manic Episode
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Q:  Symptoms After a Manic Episode

I am asking if there is a web site that can give me more info on the after efects of my wifes manic episode. The reason i am asking is that her doctors are not answering the questions she is asking them. My wife contantly asks about head aches, no feelings exept anger and sadness, slowed speech after having to think to much. The doctors don not answer these questions.

Dear Mr. B' -- 
Some of the symptoms you describe are common after a manic episode, particularly the sadness and slowed speech (perhaps part of a depression that is extremely common following a manic phase).  Headaches are common when people shift from one mood state to another, often migraine-like (nausea, pounding pain, light hurts, quiet is good).  As far as a website to consult on this kind of thing, learning more about bipolar disorder in general by surfing around to sites where people describe their own manic symptoms might help a little there.  Put "bipolar disorder" in a search engine and work your way down to page 2 or 3, people's personal sites.  There's also, a site for  "significant others" of people with bipolar disorders.   

Dr. Phelps

 Published August, 2002


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