Anorgasmia & Meds
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Q:  Anorgasmia & Meds

I am taking 1500 mg. Neurontin/375 mg. Effexor XR/Restoril 15-30 mg. per day.  I also take .112 mg. Synthroid because I had 90% of my thyroid removed when I was 8 yrs.  I have tried Depakote, but it didn't work because of side effects, and numerous antidepressants. 
I am having problems with anorgasmia, my doctor and I have tried Wellbutrin and Ritalin to relieve the problem, Ritalin worked but only after extended stimulation which was problematic.  I have been prescribed Viagra as a "last resort" but it costs $240/month.  Is there any medication which might help with my Bipolar II and not cause problems with sexual satisfaction?

Thank you.

Dear Mr. M' -- 
You might have a look at a
different thyroid approach, which might be relevant but won't solve the anorgasmia problem, likely.  To do that, you're probably going to have to look at taking out the Effexor.  Your regimen is very unusual for BPII, so I can't comment on where to go for alternatives; usually in treating bipolar disorder, I rely on mood stabilizers and avoid antidepressants, as you may have seen on my website on that topic

Dr. Phelps

   Published June, 2002

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