Websites for Info on Bipolar Disorder
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Q:  Websites for Info on Bipolar Disorder

dear doctor i have bipolar 2 my self but i have a couison in irland who has a verry good friend who is 30 years of age and has had bipolar since he was 15 he has not had any help other than his local G.P. i took my self of to the priory hospital hear in london with grate results.I am trying to get him to do the same we talked the other day and he sounds verry intrested. the reason i am wrighting to you is i found you on line ,but iam finding verry hard to find a web sight that talks about the different formes of bi pollar e.g 1 , 2 he never even new there was different formes untill a few days a go i want to find a web site so i can send him this infomation you can see he has probbly bin suffering for yers with no need and i thik information could be his first steep to getting this dreadfull illness under control i thank you for you time and hope to hear from you.

yours faithully nigel

p.s i belive his bipola 1

Hello Nigel -- 
For bipolar I, this website here is a darn good resource; there are numerous others, including (one of the originals).  For bipolar II, there's my own website,, which has a very extensive section on bipolar variations without full mania.  Good on ya'. 

Dr. Phelps

   Published June, 2002

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