Update on Experiences w/Geodon
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Q:  Update on Experiences w/ Geodon

Just an update re: Geodon.  My daughter, Jackie, wrote you in February because she was worried about my medication change to Geodon.  I did go through a couple of weeks of hypomania when at 80mg dosing, but that resolved with lowering the dose.  In late March I began to experience weakness and dysphoria in the mornings (akasthesia, I believe Dr. Barnett called it).  This very uncomfortable and debilitating side effect was problematic at 20 mg. but resolved at 10 mg.  I also added 25mg. of Benedryl at bedtime and have no more problems.  I have maintained my weight (after losing 11 lbs in the first 14 days of treatment) and am overall very pleased with Geodon for Bipolar disorder.   Thought you might be interested to know of my experience.   Have
you heard similar stories?  ~Wendy

Dear Wendy -- 
Still holding back on using it, as I'm still hearing pretty mixed stories.  Witness what's going on with Topomax, for example, where there was a lot of initial enthusiasm but now it's becoming clear that it can cause depression and anxiety -- though for a few people, it's a great medication.  Tricky, trying to figure out who's going to benefit.  I think Geodon might turn out to be like that.  However, good to hear you're still pleased with it.  

Dr. Phelps

 Published June, 2002


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