Are People w/BPD Aware of Their Actions
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Q:  Are People w/BPD Aware of  Their Actions

I suffer from a pretty bad case of Bipolar Disorder. I am dealing with a cousin who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder who is totally out of control. The stress of this is causing my moods to cycle. She is going through a divorce and ALL of her borderline traits are extremely heightened. She calls me at all hours of the night screaming and crying and treating suicide. The world revolves around her and she gives absolutely no consideration to others. This has been going on for over a year now. I feel like I am on call 24/7. It's out of control. I know I should set bounderies, but I don't know how. This is affecting my moods. I'm afraid she will kill herself if I am not there to offer support.

Can you tell me if people with BPD are aware of their actions, etc? I know I'm being manipulated. Any advice would be welcomed. I am totally worn  out and desperate to end this madness.

Thanks so much!

Dear Ms. J' 
There's an extensive website on Borderline that may have some resources for you: but before you go, as the webmaster there and I have slightly different points of view on this, I'd encourage you to have a look at my essay on Bipolar "versus" Borderline

Dr. Phelps

 Published June, 2002 


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