Wife Dx'd BP-What Should I Do or Know
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Q:  Wife Dx'd BP-What Should I Do or Know

My wife has had thyroid problems for a few years. She just had the radioactive treatment. No change yet. It has been about a month. She has also always had issues with depression,mood swings, low self worth and thoughts of suicide. Recently she was diagnosed with Bipolar,II disorder. She just started on medication that hopefully will help. We have been married for 12 yrs and have known each other for almost 20yrs. I always kind of hid from her mental issues by working late or just thinking it was just a mood swing. Until yesterday It never really hit me that she does have a problem and I want to help he deal with it. What should I do or know? Will she ever get "better". We have a ten year old son also. What should I tell him?

Dear Rick -- 
For you, try this site on
bipolar II; most of what you'll need for starters is there, I hope.  As far as for your son, first educating yourself; then try to help him understand as the opportunities or clear needs for him to learn more present themselves.  You've probably heard the analogy with diabetes: some people just don't have the right chemicals to be like other people, and need to take those chemicals from the outside, and when they do, they can be pretty much like anybody else who doesn't have diabetes, just more careful about a few things they have to do to protect their health... etc.  If you can establish that he understands diabetes in some rough way that's accurate, like has a friend who has it (many kids know someone), that might help him.  

Dr. Phelps

Published May, 2002 

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