Questions Re: Wife's BP Disorder & Meds
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Q:  Questions Re: Wife's BP Disorder & Meds

My wife has bi-polar type II.  Her doctor has recommended treatment with (please excuse my spelling) trezadone and prezidone, along with her daily Lithum.  Can you tell me more about these two medicines?  Also does this disease affect her sex drive?  She has had many meaningless affairs, but always regrets them stateing she was looking for "love and caring" through sex.  Thank you for any information, I am desperate.

Dear Mr. E' -- 
Bipolar disorder itself, as you've seen, can cause reckless and destructive judgement, including sexual "acting out", which may have some connection to some issues like "love and caring", but in some cases at least can just be the manic symptoms showing up.  

Trazodone is an antidepressant but such a sedating one that low doses are commonly used just to help sleep, and you've probably seen by now how crucial getting sleep is to not becoming manic. The other one -- prednisone?  not sure; if it's prednisone, that's not for bipolar disorder and in quite a few cases it makes bipolar disorder worse (but it might be absolutely necessary for something else the doc' is treating, so don't by any means tell her to stop it, that could be dangerous).  

Dr. Phelps

Published May, 2002 

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