History of BP & 1st Case Recorded
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Q:  History of BP & 1st Case Recorded

Hello, I am a college student in Abnormal Psychology. I am doing a project on bi-polar disorder. I was hoping if you might be able to tell me when was the first case recorded and also a history of bipolar disorder. This is my section of the project, to gather the information I just stated.

Thank you for your time,

P.S. any other information of bi-polar disorder would be greatly apreciated.

Hello Kristin -- 
I read an article a while back in which the author cited a greek physician, though I don't think it was Aesculapius, who's one of the first greek doc's; nor Hippocrates, whom you know -- I think it was another.  In any case, the written description of symptoms could be interpreted as bipolar disorder.  It was not named as such then, of course.  For that, you can research the work of Emil Kraepelin, who drew a distinction in psychosis between demential praecox, which later became "schizophrenia" terminologically; and manic depression, although you'd have to do some hunting to see if he really was the first to use that term (sometimes credited so).  Here's a
nice site I just ran across looking for more on your question.  Good luck, hope I'm not too late!

Dr. Phelps


Published May, 2002 

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