BP II,CFS & Pregnancy
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 Q:  BP II, CFS & Pregnancy

Dear Dr. Phelps,

Thank you very much for the prompt response (about 'pins and needles '). I have another question for you. I have not only Bipolar II, but also was diagnosed with 'Chronic Fatigue Syndrome'. The question is, if I want to have children, how much and in which way may a pregnancy worsen my condition? Frankly speaking, for all my life I felt somehow, that a childbirth will definitely 'make me insane'. Does such a feeling have any value? I read articles about 'Bipolar disorder and childbirth', but I would like to know your opinion about the ‘lovely’ combination of Bipolar II disorder and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Sorry to trouble you with question which I could ask my doctor. The problem is, that my doctor (GP, unfortunately), te seems to me, suddenly stopped taking my complaints seriously (despite of I feel worse, physically and mentally, he insists that I feel better etc - I wonder how does he know?). It will take some time until I am able to find good psychiatrist in our area. Maybe you could recommend me somebody, with understanding of ‘Bipolar spectrum’? - I live in Australia, state NSW.

Talking about a mood stabilizer - I have learnt a lot about my illness and know that it is a big risk for me to be only on antidepressant.  Actually, recently I experienced a highest, for all my life, hypomanic episode, lasted for 9 days. I am sure it was triggered by Serzone, because it happened after I started to take Serzone again after the short break   (I stopped taking it because my intuition tells me there is something wrong with it).

My problem is that I am an artist and produce my best works being in hypomanic state. I could not work at all while I was taking Valproate, so I am jumping from hypomania to severe depression now, trying to get some work done and survive in the same time.

At last I would like to add that your website gave me a lot of insight.  You saved me from the hell of a desperation.

Thank you for your time and best wishes in your work,

PS. I am sorry for possible grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language.

Dear Anna -- 
You have learned a lot, and you express it clearly.  On your first question re: pregnancy and chronic fatigue syndrome:  I don't know a great deal about CFS (I'm not all that sure anybody does).  A quick literature review revealed no specific articles on CFS and pregnancy.  Pregnancy and bipolar disorder is complicated enough, as you've learned. 

Dr. Phelps 


Published April, 2002


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