Eating Disorders & Advice to My Doctor?
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Q:  Eating Disorders & Advice to My Doctor?

I have been diagnosed with bipolar about 3 months ago.  I allready weighed  288 when I was diagnosed.  I also have  eating disorders along with a multitude of othters.  My Doctor has me on Lithium 600 mg, 4mg Klonopin, 750mg of trileptal, 600mg seroeuel, 50mg of topomax:  I am constantly hungry I wake at night to eat while iam half sleeping and iam allready at 300 pounds I cannot keep up with this I feel so tired and I have three children who depend on me.  I there any advise I can you can give me to give to my Doctor?
Thank you.


Dear Sandy -- 
Looks to me like your doctor could be a smart one, and on the right track.  She/he may be planning on going up further on the Topamax, as the dose is on the low side yet, but don't raise it on your own!  Going up too fast can cause some severe side effects on thinking clearly (thus the latest nickname I heard for this medication: "the California drug: it makes you stupid and thin").   Going up slowly can often avoid this problem, so go by what your doctor tells you to do.  

As for your eating disorder, there are some nice resources to check out. Here's a very nice clearinghouse site on eating disorders (; and a more technical one from the NIMH; and a list of treatment programs (at the bottom of this page).  There is a great summary book that describes the kind of cognitive behavioral treatment program you should try to work through with a therapist, by one of the foremost authorities on this subject, called Overcoming Binge Eating

My advice to your doctor: good going, good luck to both of you, keep at it, you're on the right track (as I bet she/he already knows without me saying it!). 

Dr. Phelps

Published March, 2002


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