SAM-e & Tryptophan Together?
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Q:  SAM-e & Tryptophan Together?

Dr. Phelps:
I am on many of the natural things that are listed on this site.  I am on 1500 mg. of L-tryptophan and I was wondering, can I take SAM-e along with the Tryptophan? Would there be any negative interreactions?  I take 2000 mg. of L-tyrosine as well. I loved your article on thyroid and bipolar. I agree with it. I feel that I have helped myself inadvertently through the years by insisting that my Dr. keep me on the High end of the 'thyroid' scale. I take the 'purest' form of tryptophan that is on the market-not HTP, although I have taken that alot too & 2 g. of Armour.
Could you give me your opinion on the SAM-e, please?

Dear Ms. R' -- 
As you may have gathered, I usually try to confine myself to medications for which we have not only evidence of their effectiveness (there is some, not a whole lot, for SAM-e) but also evidence of their safety.  There, we just have too little experience with SAM-e to say.  I have one patient taking it, not from me but on her own; she's actually the one who taught me about T3/T4 thyroid, by pioneering her way onto that through another doctor.  She's a really smart gal, and so I listen to what she says. But she's been forced into this by her illness's failure to respond to all (and I mean a serious all) of the routine approaches, combination after combination.  People with that track record have to be out there looking at the kinds of approaches we're talking about here.  Other people, in my opinion, should stick with the things about which we have more knowledge.  It's less exciting, much of the time, to be going back and trying the untried combinations of previously ineffective medications, but it may well be a lot safer (it can be dangerous, granted, but we have an idea of where the dangers lie, as opposed to having almost no clue with untested, un-researched approaches).  Whoops, this soapbox just came along and jammed itself under my feet!  Good luck with your research, and I hope you stay safe. 

Dr. Phelps

Published March, 2002

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