Is Husband's Behavior Treatable
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Q:  Is Husband's Behavior Treatable

I need help!!!! My marriage is gonna end If something doesn't change!! I know my husband has a problem and I am desperately trying to figure it out! He has been this way as long as I have known him. I love him and that is why I have dealt with it for this long. Can you tell me if this is bipolar disorder . He can go from a normal mood to being mad  in no time flat!!! He is mouthy and rude!!! He is divorced and has two other children from his ex-wife. He acts this was too with his oldest boy , they always argue and he says the craziest things !  nothing violent just crazy . insults etc,, doesn't know how to handle stress at all. His middle child has been kept from him for years out of jealousy of him being with someone else, (me). He has temper, anger, depression. what is this? He says he loves me and does not want to be without me but he gets mad about everything , hates my family, doesn't trust me , will call me names out of anger then will apologize till I accept his appoligy. I've made a decision that something must change or I am leaving him . can you help me ? Is this behavior something that can be treated,? or is he just an &#@&%$# and I stupid for thinking it will get better? Please give me your addive.

Thank you,

Dear Robin -- 
Sorry, too many possible explanations.  Maybe a therapist for you could help you figure this out more before you take an action? 

Dr. Phelps

Published March, 2002


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