Wellbutrin Best AD for Bipolar Disorder?
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Q:  Wellbutrin Best AD for Bipolar Disorder?

Has your experience with Wellbutrin been negative for the most part?  I have heard other doctors say it is the best AD for bipolar disorder.

Dear Ms. S'
I would agree, amongst the antidepressants Wellbutrin does seem to have distinguished itself for two reasons: first, it does seem less likely than others to precipitate rapid cycling, mixed states, and manic states (but it definitely can do this, especially when used without a mood stabilizer); and secondly, because bipolar depression is very frequently an extremely low-energy state, the energizing/stimulant-like properties of Wellbutrin are particularly valuable.  Low doses can be sufficient, e.g. 1/2 of a 75mg generic tablet; usually I use the 100mg generic and go up weekly by 50mg steps, looking for the absolute lowest dose that addresses symptoms, as higher doses are almost certainly going to have more pro-manic influence.  If your doctor starts higher, or goes up faster, I've included this bit of info' on dosing so that you could discuss it with her/him.  

Dr. Phelps

Published January, 2002


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