Treatment for Dysphoric Manias
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Q:  Treatment for Dysphoric Manias

First thanks for this Forum.

I am Bipolar and My Mania's are Dysphoric. When I was first diagnosed, I was given only Paxil which stopped the Depression, and the Dysphoric Episodes also were almost non existant.

The Paxil which had a few side effects in the Sexual Dysfunction area, when I would Yawn my knees would start to buckle at times, and eventually my lower back was in great pain.

I am now on Eskalith 1350mg a day and Effexor XR at only 75mg a day after having been up to 225 on the Effexor.

What it all boils down to is What is the best treatment for someone with Dysphoric Manias?? I would not wish them on anyone, especially when I live with 2 other Bipolars...

Dear Allen
In the view of most mood experts, which are summarized on my
website under the treatment section of the material on bipolar II, the two most important principles are: rely on mood stabilizers, and be extremely cautious about using antidepressants, generally avoiding them if possible.  

Dr. Phelps


Published January, 2002


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